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Royal Platinum Clarinet Reeds

Royal Platinum Clarinet Reeds

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Crafted from the highest quality, chemical-free cane available. Royal Platinum reeds provide a full, rich sound, unrivaled response, and clear, easy articulation. Compared to most commercially available reeds, they are more consistent and last longer.

Made in the USA, wrapped with environmentally friendly paper sleeves with no plastic use.

Strength compares most closely to a Vandoren V12-style reed.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Shelly K.

Thank you so much for the extra effort you went to in order to send me a box of Platinum reeds size 3. I will certainly enjoy using them. I will also remember your company whenever I need some clarinet accessories. Thank you, Shelly

Samantha O.

Love these reeds! They give me a beautiful, resonate sound on my clarinet that I have not been able to replicate on any other reeds. I am able to play with so much more nuance with these reeds.

Gary C.

These reeds use excellent cane and are very consistent. However, most of the 3s were too soft for me and most of the 3.5s were too hard. Perhaps the profile could be tweaked a little. The 3s could be slightly thicker just below the tip. And perhaps the strengths could be more accurately sorted. With some adjustments, these reeds could be a real winner.

Fred T.

I like the reeds.They are responsive and free blowing in all registers without losing core.Both the 3 and 3.5 work well on my mouthpiece ( James Kanter )

Alberto M.

The cane quality of these reeds are superb and because of that the sound I get from them is top notch. Highly recommend them!