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Royal Global Firebird Clarinet

Royal Global Firebird Clarinet

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After years of development, Royal Global has created a new class of professional clarinet. The innovative Firebird includes a double register mechanism for a beautifully resonant and in-tune throat Bb, and a semi-automatic G/D vent on the lower joint that can be lifted and closed by adjustment screw depending on the sound, color, and projection you are searching for. Standard plating includes gold posts with silver plated keys, with special made-to-order options available.


  • Poly-cylindrical bore that offers the best in immediate response, excellent intonation, and a beautiful core to the sound
  • Premium African blackwood wood, aged for 7 - 10 years
  • Length adjustable barrel, 64-68mm
  • Double register key mechanism option with Rose Gold and Gold Deluxe for improved throat tone clarity and intonation
  • Semi-automatic venting mechanism on all models in the lower joint, for better projection, clarity, and a new level of “sweetness” to the sound. This mechanism can be closed using the innovative adjustment screws, providing you with two instruments in one
  • Unmatched, impeccable intonation in all registers
  • Premium plating, with options for incredible beauty and unique sound

Royal Global Artist Shannon Kiewitt demonstrates the exceptional intonation on Royal Global clarinets.

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