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Bass Clarinet Resonator

Bass Clarinet Resonator

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Four years after our first Corbin Bass Clarinet Resonator was introduced, we've redesigned them to look, fit, and play better than ever.

Choose between resonators that fit Buffet Crampon bass clarinets (Prestige and Tosca) or Royal Global bass clarinets (Max, Polaris, and Firebird). These resonators will not work on necks with an adjustable screw like the Selmer style or some older Buffet necks. 

Due to tolerances in the manufacture of bass clarinet necks of all brands and the nature of the metal work, some necks will have a slightly tighter or looser fit. 

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Customer Reviews

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Cole Austin
Bass Clarinet African Blackwood resonator

After reading about many of these custom “resonators” from different social media posts, videos, and hearing different musicians, such as Shannon Kiewitt, and Micheal Lowerstern perform using these resonators, I decided to get one of my own and put it to the test.. and let me tell you all that I was BLOWN AWAY by the difference of quality and how resonant the instrument sounds. I would 100% recommend this to any semi-professional or professional musician out there that is looking for a great difference in sound for either orchestral or concert band repertoire.

Thank you Cole for giving the resonator a chance! We know the difference for some can be subtle compared to a brand new neck or mouthpiece, but we believe every little bit counts when searching for the best sound and response. Enjoy!

Reid B.

I purchased the “grooved” grenadilla wood resonator for my Tosca bass clarinet and I must say it looks really cool on my instrument. It is well made, solid, and fits nice and snug. I’m able to move the tuning slide easily. I haven’t experienced a dramatic change in my tone or playing ability but I seem to be articulating slightly better in the upper clarion and altísimo registers. I think overall I feel a little more power on the instrument.

Martin-Louis F.

C’est mon deuxième résonateur car j’ai 2 clarinette basse Buffet Crampon 1193 G et 1183 . Mes notes basses sont plus caverneuses. Plus de facilité d’émission en pianissimo et plus de facilité pour les staccatos pour les notes aiguës.

David B.

I play a Buffet Prestige Low C Bass Clarinet with a Buffet Icon neck. The first opportunity I had to put on the resonator was at a rehearsal. I played the first couple of pieces without the resonator. When I put the resonator on, I and everyone in the group immediately noticed the sound was more focused (I had to dial back my dynamics a couple of notches). The Icon neck makes jumps from the chalumeau to the clarion register smoother than the standard neck, and the resonator made the jumps even easier.

Robert D.

I hear a clearly deeper, richer, more resonant sound using the original blackwood resonator on my prestige Bb bass clarinet.