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Wiseman Wooden Double Clarinet Case

Wiseman Wooden Double Clarinet Case

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This case comes as standard for Bb & A Clarinets. The clarinet joints are housed separately and have a foam lid which covers each half. The joints are supported/held by the joint bodies, allowing the keys to be isolated with no contact with any part of the case or padding around it. There are two large accessory pockets. The case has replaceable protective velcro edging and alternative light reflective strips included. Supplied with two leather shoulder straps and pads, as well as an A3-sized music pocket.

Product description
Extremely strong, light, hard case.

Aircraft-friendly, both as hand-luggage and in the hold. Military-strength.

Size and weight
Length: 22.2in (56.4 cm)
Oval section: 16cm (6.3in) x 14.7cm (5.8in)
Weight: approx 1.65kg (3.6lb)


1 x A3 size detachable music pocket mounted on a leather perimeter buckle belt
1 x perimeter leather buckle belt
2 x padded non-slip leather shoulder pads
2 x adjustable leather shoulder straps (cannot come undone by accident!)
2 x internal accessory pockets (Accessory Storage capacity - moderate/large)
1 x handle on the middle of the case
1 x handle on end of the case
2 x nickel-plated metal catches
2 x stainless steel hinges
4 x velcro-mounted protective edgings
2 x light-reflective alternative edgings
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