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Wiseman Wooden Bass Clarinet Case (QUAD)

Wiseman Wooden Bass Clarinet Case (QUAD)

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Beautiful, extremely strong and LIGHT! Despite the very small size, this case will take up to three soprano instruments as well as plenty of storage. In addition to the bass clarinet, you can easily fit a Bb, A, and an Eb (or two Bb's with some velcro block maneuvering). Even if only used for the bass clarinet, the case is tiny - half the volume of a bass clarinet case supplied with new instruments. This case is roughly only one-third of the volume of the alternative volume of cases for carrying a bass and two/three sopranos. The instrument joints are all suspended in the air with no keywork being touched. All blocking is Velcro-mounted and adjustable. The walls of the case are completely rigid and will not flex.


One of the best features of the Wiseman bass clarinet case is how well it travels, fitting in the overhead compartments of the smallest regional jets. I have personally flown hundreds of thousands of miles over the last few years with my Wiseman Carbon Fiber case without a single issue. I actually like these WOODEN cases better, despite being significantly cheaper and having a shorter wait time compared to the Carbon Fiber case. Also, they look really cool.

Heritage Insurance (USA) now offer discount on certain insurance premiums to Wiseman Case owners. All Wiseman cases carry an industry-best Lifetime Guarantee.

Available colors as pictured left to right: Pine, Mahogany, Oak, Walnut, Ebony
Colors and patterns will vary from case to case given the nature of the product. For reference, the single case pictured is walnut.

Note that these cases are designed with various foam blocks and velvet attachments that will allow you to customize the fit to your exact instrument with a simple sharp utility knife. Detailed instructions and diagrams are included with each case. 


  • 1 x A3 size detachable music pocket mounted on a leather perimeter buckle belt
  • 1 x perimeter leather buckle belt
  • 2 x padded non-slip leather shoulder pads
  • 2 x adjustable leather shoulder straps (that cannot come undone by accident!)
  • 4 x internal accessory pockets (Accessory Storage capacity is very large)
  • 1 x pair of handles across the middle of the case
  • 1 x handle on end of the case
  • 2 x Nickel-plated metal latches
  • 3 x Stainless steel hinges
  • 4 x velcro-mounted protective edgings
  • 2 x light-reflective alternative edgings

Size and weight
Length: 34.3in
Circular section: 8.1in
Weight: approx. 7.7lb

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Customer Reviews

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David Gazaille
Amazing case

The case is amazing! The only thing I wish I was made aware of is the import fee that was not included in the price and came as a surprise from UPS. It was not a negligible amount. Otherwise, quick and excellent service!

Thank you, David! I hope the case serves you well for many years.

I appreciate you bringing this import fee to our attention. We do ship quite a bit internationally and we find a large variety of customs fees. We'll try to do a better job of making international customers aware of the fees, and perhaps begin to include these fees as prepaid. Thanks again!