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Traditional Barrel

Traditional Barrel

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The Traditional barrel features a sleek external design with an inverted taper harkening back to the traditional Moennig barrel but updated for modern instruments. It produces better tuning, focus, and projection compared with stock barrels. The Traditional barrel is typically more "powerful" than the Focus, making it especially suitable for those looking to add flexibility, resonance, and an immediate core to the sound.
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These barrels work well on both Bb and A clarinets. Many musicians are able to use the same barrel on both instruments, with or without tuning rings - an extra perk for the orchestral musician.

Generally, choose the same length barrel that you are currently using on your set-up. If you are very sharp and tend to pull the barrel out more than a millimeter, consider a longer barrel or purchasing tuning rings.

Barrels fit most brands of clarinets with standard tenon diameters. There are exceptions for instruments with non-standard tenon diameters, such as the Selmer Signature. Please feel free to send us an email if you are unsure about the compatibility of your clarinet.

Customer Reviews

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Stoney S.

The synthetic barrel is fantastic! For my own personal playing, I was looking for something to make my sound more centered and focused and this barrel definitely provides that. It seemed to take away a lot of tonal imperfections that came with my stock Selmer barrel. My first reaction to playing with it was the immense improvement of evenness across all the registers. All of the registers started to feel as if they all had the same resistance and tone color which I love because it makes playing that much more comfortable. I did notice when some of my colleagues tried it, it dampened their sound too much. For me however, I had a more "bright" sound to begin with so adding this barrel really made an immense improvement towards a more round-centered sound. Of course I can't forget to mention the tuning is immaculate. I was worried about getting another barrel because my clarinet already played extremely well in tune, but even switching to this barrel it kept the same tuning tendencies. Overall for me, this barrel was a fantastic purchase. It even works great with my A clarinet!

Joseph E.

I have all three of the Corbin barrels; the adjustable, the Focus and now the Traditional. Tone quality and intonation are excellent on all three. For me the Traditional offers a little more resistance, but still a great clarinet sound. Perhaps best for small ensemble playing. BTW, I graduated from IU in '61. Studied with Bill Elliott (not related) and Robert McGinnis, his first year at IU after leaving the NY Phil.

Mackenzie A.

The barrel keeps a warm, darker sound while having consistent tone and sound.