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Royal Global Max Low C Bass Clarinet

Royal Global Max Low C Bass Clarinet

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The Royal Global Max is a true revolution in bass clarinet manufacturing. Based on the Polaris bass clarinet, the Max retains all of the professional features and acoustical designs but is manufactured from Royal's exclusive ECO material. This new material, years in the making, is a combination of mostly grenadilla powder with a special synthetic resin. It shares many of the same acoustical properties of grenadilla, with a similar density, but without the risk of cracking or dimensional movement. The added dimensional stability and durability makes the Max bass clarinet the premium choice for those who perform in a variety of environmental conditions whether it's the classroom, pit orchestras, the parade block or the marching field.

**There is currently an 8 week wait list for new Max bass clarinet orders through our shop. Purchasing through this link will automatically put you on the wait list (with periodic updates on ETA), or you can reach out and we can connect you with a dealer that has stock.**

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