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Royal Global Classical Limited Clarinet

Royal Global Classical Limited Clarinet

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With a carefully designed bore, premium quality wood usually reserved for higher end models, silver plated key-work, an Ab/Eb lever, and 2 barrels for more accurate intonation, the Classical Limited far outplays its "semi-professional" designation.


  • Key : Bb / A 
  • Pitch : 440 or 442 Hz 
  • Body : High Quality Aged Grenadilla 
  • Bore : Poly-Cylindrical 
  • Barrel: 65mm and 66mm 
  • Keywork finish : Silver Plated 17 Keys 
  • Springs : Blue steel 
  • Pads : Valentino

  • Professional key-work and design at a semi-professional price
  • A carefully designed poly-cylindrical bore that provides unsurpassed intonation and even tone throughout
  • Warm, focused, centered tone
  • Heavily plated silver keys (17)
  • Two barrels (65mm and 66mm) for optimal tuning
  • 3 Year Royal Global Warranty
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