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Polaris Adjustable Clarinet Barrel

Polaris Adjustable Clarinet Barrel

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The Royal Global adjustable barrel features an innovative patented adjusting system combining a premium aged grenadilla wood bore, Royal's proprietary ECO-wood material, and a new, heavier brass internal mechanism selected for its superior acoustical properties and longevity. This combination allows for a more durable, crack-resistant barrel that is easy to maintain. By manufacturing the top section and bore with grenadilla wood and the base with the new grenadilla ECO wood, the Royal Global adjustable barrel maintains a wooden bore that helps achieve the warm, rich, and vibrant tone that many players prefer. 

Upgraded in 2024 to a new brass internal mechanism, the 2024 Polaris adjustable barrel is approximately 35 grams heavier than the previous version, contributing to a more dense sound with greater projection.

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Manufactured from premium naturally aged grenadilla (African blackwood) and a new Royal Global exclusive material, the Royal Global adjustable barrels are unlike anything else on the market. Patented technology with a unique internal design allow the clarinetist to adjust pitch with a center ring mechanism. Four indicators milled on the ring allow for easily repeatable adjustments, with marks every .25mm. That means one full turn of the ring will lengthen or shorten the barrel by one full millimeter.  By turning the ring instead of pulling out from the tenon, the barrel socket maintains contact with the upper joint and greatly reduces the gap diameter caused by pulling out a regular barrel, allowing for a more resonant, connected sound and reducing the possibility of leaking when adjusting. The length is adjustable from 64mm to 68mm and works for both Bb and A clarinets with "standard" size tenons (Royal Global, Buffet, Selmer Paris, Yamaha, Backun, etc.)


The Polaris Adjustable Barrel bore employs an inverted taper that helps to improve intonation, especially between the twelfths, as well as response and overall "focus" of the sound. There is a good balance of highs and lows, not too "dark" or "bright," but of course this is subjective depending on the player and their set-up. Custom bores can be reamed by Brian Corbin for an additional fee and you must reach out directly by email or phone to discuss bore possibilities. 


The Polaris Adjustable barrel is available in 4 different platings. Although we believe the bore dimensions, material, and overall mass of the barrel play a larger role in the sound, many people believe that the plating does have an impact on the sound. We suggest choosing the plating that speaks to your preferred aesthetic, or purchasing multiple for a trial and returning the other barrels within 7 days of delivery per our trial policy.


Any barrel can be purchased for a trial period of 7 days. There is no additional fee for a trial of multiple barrels if you purchase at least one barrel, but returning all barrels in a shipment will result in a 7% restock fee. You MUST indicate that the order is for trial in the ordering notes to be eligible for a refund. 


All barrels hold a 1 year warranty against manufacturer defect, including cracking not caused by user care.


**Any wooden adjustable barrel purchased from us with the 4-point patented mechanism is eligible for a FREE warranty upgrade to Royal Global's improved 2022 ECO material. By sending your barrel directly to Royal Global with a pre-paid return label, your all-wooden adjustable barrel lower section will be retrofitted and remain under warranty. Simply purchase the "2022 ECO Warranty Upgrade" option from the list above and you will receive an email with a USPS Priority label to ship to Royal Global, as well as a pre-paid return label that must be included inside the package along with your original receipt or packing slip. Please allow 1 to 2 business days to receive your prepaid labels**

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
David N.

There are many adjustable clarinet barrels on the market today, but Royal Global's Polaris adjustable barrel stands out as one of the absolute best. From high quality materials and workmanship, to a first-class finish, this barrel gets the job done. For any discerning clarinetist that needs an adjustable that goes from a short 64mm all the way to a long 68mm, consider the Royal Global Polaris. You will not be disappointed, and may never go back to a traditional barrel again...

Sharon B.

My new go-to barrel. I love this. I also purchased a Backun Fatboy, cocobolo at the same time I purchased this one but this is my favorite. I’ve paired it with a BD5 and it sounds just beautiful! Thank you!

Lily R.

I am loving my new Pilaris Adjustable Clarinet Barrel! The sound is very rich. I would give it one more star except for the fact that my favorite mouthpiece doesn't fit easily.

Abimael C.

I love It, it's a excellent barrel.

John H.

If you are in the market for an adjustable barrel, this is definitely the product one should consider! If anyone is looking for an upgrade from something similar to the newer Robert Scott Barrels, the nickel-plated Polaris Adjustable Barrel feels the exact same way with all of the advantages of being able to adjust pitch without breaking the overall seal on the clarinet. Very happy with this product!! Good Job B. Corbin Clarinet Products!!