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Hawley R1 Barrel

Hawley R1 Barrel

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A collaboration between Richie Hawley and Brian Corbin, the R1 clarinet barrel combines traditional design elements with modern materials and machining to produce a barrel unlike any other. Crafted from naturally aged grenadilla (African blackwood), the R1 barrel uses a hard rubber bore with a uniquely shaped inverted taper that helps improve intonation and response. The combination of materials and acoustical design help center and darken the sound, providing for a certain "hold" and even working resistance throughout the registers. Cutting-edge CNC manufacturing and the premium hard rubber used for the bore results in unparalleled consistency from barrel to barrel.
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Corbin - Hawley R1 Barrel

The Corbin - Hawley R1 clarinet barrel is the result of a multi-year Artist/Craftsman collaboration between​ Richie Hawley and Brian Corbin.

The hard rubber bore insert, machined with extreme precision from solid rod rubber, gives an unmatched level of consistency, stability, and longevity to the inner dimensions. The carefully crafted inverted taper and the premium aged grenadilla body provide a special warmth and depth to the sound while maintaining an even working resistance throughout all registers. ​

As a Buffet - Crampon Artist, Richie worked to optimize the R1 barrel for Buffet clarinets. Although designed to improve the intonation, response, and working resistance of R13 style bores (R13/Prestige, Festival, Tosca), it will fit all "standard" tenon sizes and works well on other models and brands depending on your playing preferences.

Brian finds that the hard rubber insert and increased "hold" to the sound works especially well for instruments that have already been broken-in or for players looking to "reign in" an otherwise free or less resistant instrument / setup.

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Sandra Mergen
Hawley R1 barrel

I really like the sound that this barrel helps provide. Looks nice on my Bb clarinet too.

Ivan I.