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Corbin Signature Clarinet Mouthpiece

Corbin Signature Clarinet Mouthpiece

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The Corbin Signature mouthpiece is the result of 10 years of dedicated research and innovation. Crafted from the highest quality imported German rod rubber, its unique chamber design and baffle contour produce a full, rich sound with presence and color. The optimized side and tip rail design cater to both cane and synthetic reeds, resulting in quick, responsive, and crisp articulation without sacrificing tone quality. Experience a truly special mouthpiece crafted with expert precision by Brian Corbin. 


B1: 1.03mm, Long 
Recommended reeds: 3.5+ to 4.0+
The B1 is a close, long facing with a feel more reminiscent of some German style facings but with increased flexibility and color. A harder reed is required for this type of mouthpiece. 

B1+: 1.06mm, Long
Recommended reeds: 3.5 - 4.0

Same long facing curve as the B1, but slightly more open tip. This facing will take a slightly softer reed than the B1 and has a little more "blow through."

B2: 1.13mm, Medium Long 
Recommended reeds: 3.5 
The B2 facing is marked by a slight increase in resistance due to the larger tip opening and slightly shorter facing. This allows for slightly softer reeds to sing.

Recommended reeds: 3.0 - 3.5
The most open mouthpiece we offer, this mouthpiece requires softer reeds and is more flexible in many ways but may be harder to control for those who are used to closer facings.


A = 440 

The original blank used as the inspiration for our mouthpiece was pitched slightly higher at A = 442 Hz. By reworking the length of the mouthpiece and the depth of the bore, we've increased the volume to make this mouthpiece suitable for 440 - 441 players with "standard" length barrels. 


We utilize O-rings on the mouthpiece tenon instead of the traditional cork as O-rings last longer, remain more stable, and are easier to replace for the consumer. Each mouthpiece will come with two sizes, a soft and medium option. If the mouthpiece is too loose using the soft rings, install the medium rings or a combination of soft and medium for the best custom fit. 

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