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Carbon Fiber Bass Clarinet Peg

Carbon Fiber Bass Clarinet Peg

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These bass clarinet pegs, manufactured from carbon fiber, are incredibly strong and lightweight. The pegs give performers the option of sitting or standing while playing. Although an incredibly strong material, the peg has "give" and allows the player freedom to move and play expressively without the weight and worries that come with a metal peg. Ideal for the musician conscious of excess weight, traveling musicians, or anyone looking for a replacement or longer peg.

Available in Buffet Crampon professional bass clarinet fit, and now Royal Global bass clarinet fit in 8" and 24" (standing peg) sizes.

**Custom lengths available upon request for an additional charge and lead time.

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We can only guarantee the fit in Buffet bass clarinets, although they will fit in certain models of other brands as well. 

If your bell receiver is slightly undersized from the manufacturer to allow a perfect fit, the peg can be adjusted quickly and easily with an abrasive.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Andrew C.

Really solid peg! Unfortunately, it did not fit in my instrument right away since I am using a Selmer low C, but I was able to sand it down to the correct size.

Thanks for the purchase and the information about the fit, Andrew! We check all of our pegs using a Royal or Buffet bell, but know that some receivers have a slight variance and advise those who purchase that some very slight adjustments may be needed. Luckily, it's pretty easy. Glad it worked well for you!

Eric M.

The peg is perfect in every respect: length, weight, strength, fit on my peg receiver! Thank you!

Fred H.

Excellent product and service. Delivery from HI to Ma was incredibly fast, thanks,

Félix Arias

It is PERFECT for my bass clarinet YAMAHA YCL 622 II, C bass. If you want to play stand up, this is your peg. It is very stable. My peg was a little bit thicker, but wit a bit of sand it was solved.

Shannon M.

I ordered a standing peg from Corbin Clarinet Products so that I can play my Buffet Prestige bass standing up without using a harness or neck strap. The carbon fiber peg is a bit flexible but I found no difficulty playing with it. It is very light, unlike steel pegs. I also ordered a 7" peg to replace my standard peg which would every so often slip at the most inappropriate times. The bell would be resting on the floor and I had to squat way down in my chair to continue playing. The carbon small peg is much more secure and I'm very pleased with how stable my setup now is.